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The Grinder – a free Java-based load testing framework

The Grinder is a free Java-based load testing framework available under a BSD-style open source license. It was developed by Paco Gomez and is maintained by Philip Aston. Over the year, the community has also contributed with many improvements, fixes and translations.
The Grinder consists of two main parts:
  1. The Grinder Console – This is GUI application which controls various Grinder agents and monitors results in real time. The console can be used as a basic IDE for editing or developing test suites.
  2. Grinder Agents – These are headless load generators; each can have a number of workers to create the load
Key Features of the Grinder:
  1. TCP proxy – records network activity into the Grinder test script
  2. Distributed testing – can scale with the increasing number of agent instances
  3. Power of Python or Closure combined with any Java API for test script creation or modification
  4. Flexible parameterization which includes creating test data on-the-fly and the capability to use external data sources like files, databases, etc.
  5. Post processing and assertion – full access to test results for correlation and content verification
  6. Support of multiple protocols
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